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A Key Partnership

At EY, Building a better working world is our purpose. The insights and quality services we provide our clients help build their trust and confidence in the capital markets and world economies.

Living up to our purpose requires that we recruit and continuously develop outstanding professionals who work with entrepreneurs, companies and governments to meet some of the most pressing challenges of our time, capitalize on new opportunities, and manage risk to achieve responsible growth.

To achieve this, EY partners with visionary universities who attract, teach and inspire the type of graduates we need to stay on the leading edge of change.

Carnegie Mellon is an important participant in our ecosystem, contributing brainpower and creative solutions with every collaborative sponsorship and graduating class.

Multiple programs bring EY and ETIM together to promote innovative ideas, provide opportunities for student enrichment and better prepare graduates for the real world.

Corporate Venturing

ETIM students have the opportunity to work on identifying and designing new corporate ventures in close collaboration with Carnegie Mellon faculty and EY Foundry – EY’s corporate venturing group.

Learn More about EY Foundry

Capstone Projects

These intensive, interactive team-based learning experiences are co-instructed by Carnegie Mellon faculty and EY leaders for ETIM seminar classes. Together, we connect students to skills of the future, and prepare them to make an effective and impactful transition to the workforce.

Day-One Projects

This EY program enables graduates to be job-ready in a rapidly changing work environment by introducing them to the skills that are in the highest demand. We team up with university administration and faculty on curricula supporting future preparedness in data analytics, lean six sigma, coding, artificial intelligence, and more.

EY Internships

Each year, we bring in dozens of Carnegie Mellon students and expose them to the realities of our day-to-day working world. They join our professionals in EY locations around the US, become an integral part of our teams and work with a wide range of clients across all industries.

We highly value our relationship with CMU administration, faculty and students. Our commitment to them is an investment in a brighter future, building a better working world while also advancing the quality of learning and life for all.

- Martin J. Fiore
US East Region Tax Managing Partner
Ernst & Young LLP

Ready to Partner?

If you're interested in sponsoring a student, a Process or a Product Innovation course, or participating in our Innovation Management in Practice Seminar series, please contact us.

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